School Support

Students may sometimes need extra support as they navigate through school, social life, Spiritual life and the other aspects of growing up. The Student Support team at Evangel Seminary offers a helping hand to all students in managing any academic, Spiritual, emotional, physical or developmental challenges that come their way.

We seek to identify learning and behavioral needs early. We then work towards offering the appropriate support services to our students through our team of counselors, Pastors, therapists and teachers. Our areas of support are:

Early Intervention:
This powerful and proactive student support service program addresses social-emotional, language, cognitive and motor development concerns among young learners at the Early Learning Village.

Academic Support
Students who face academic performance issues have access to remedial lessons to bring them up to par with their peers. Academic support teachers work closely with classroom teachers to design weekly small-group sessions that give students a boost in mastering their subject areas.

Math Extension
For students who are not yet numbers-oriented, additional small-group instruction is available to give them a better grasp of mathematical concepts taught at their grade level.

The Student Support Team runs a comprehensive program to help students overcome social and emotional hurdles. Counseling services are both preventative and responsive, and are administered through individual and group counseling, Check-In/Check-Out (CICO) intervention and school-wide awareness drives.
Speech and Language Therapy
Speech therapists are available for students who experience difficulty in communicating with others. Through a language and communication program, students learn strategies for effective communication inside and outside the classroom.

Occupational Therapy
Whether a student has trouble holding a pencil or paying attention in class, our occupational therapists are on hand to guide students in effectively and happily participating in all areas of school life.
Intensive Support
In cases where students needs exceptional support services, Special Education teachers get involved in designing individualized programs. These programs will tap on the expertise of a range of education specialists depending on the needs and progress of each student.

Pastoral Care 
They take a comprehensive care of our students’ spiritual need.

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